Hospital to aim him in his pursuit of study and research and not for services rendered and the services, if any are only incidental to the course of practical training, such a stipend would be a scholarship and would be exempt. The fact that tax has been deducted on the stipend or not is not relevant to decide the taxability of stipend income. We will have to analyze the purpose of the stipend on the basis of principles as discussed above. If it is ascertained that the stipend is taxable, then it should be offered for tax irrespective of whether TDS is deducted or not. Just upload your form 16, claim your deductions and get your acknowledgment number online.

Though the terms “stipend” and “salary” are often used interchangeably, the U.S. Department of Labor has specific criteria that must be met to pay a stipend. Discretionary scholarship granted by the employer to the children of employees cannot be treated as a perquisite in the hands of children of employees because no right is created in their favor.

Is a stipend considered salary?

Hence, it is not the nomenclature but the purpose which is decisive to determine the exemption u/s 10. The ITAT, Chandigarh SME Bench, held that the stipend received by a student pursuing his post graduation (‘PG’) at a medical college be termed as scholarship and exemption under section 10 of the Act is to be allowed. Any student who is pursuing the course of CA and doing articleship, receives a stipend from his principal. This stipend amount is governed by an act and it is provided to CA students to meet the expenses of material and exam fees.

Internship in a hospital for the specified period was compulsory and the assessee was paid wages representing overtime charges and that Federal and State Taxes were deducted from it. It was in this context, the High Court on a reference held that the amount paid to the assessee was not scholarship within the meaning of Section 10 of the Act. From the above certificate, the High Court observed that it is evident that the amount paid to the assessee by the hospital was for the benefit of securing training and to pursue study and research in pediatrics.

When is Stipend considered as a ‘scholarship’?

A stipend, on the other hand, is not the compensation for work but rather monetary support provided by the company to help an individual with expenses incurred for living, food, and travel. These are lower in amount compared and often lower than minimum wage – they are not regulated by the state. All composite scores are considered after the respective back-paper examinations. The stipend is fully withdrawn as soon as the requirements for continuation in the academic programme are not met.

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If your payer has already deducted tax and issued you a form 16 this shall be taxed under the head Salaries otherwise this is usually taxed under the head Income from Other Sources. Usually, Articles pursuing CA may earn Stipend, or a professor may receive a stipend for carrying on research work. Summer placements at IIM-Indore see 24% jump in average stipendThe average stipend offered was Rs 1.54 Lakh for calculate working capital turnover ratio the two-month internship and the median stipend witnessed an increase of 40%. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has issued two circulars laying down the guidelines when EPF will be deducted from the stipend paid to intern/trainee/apprentice and when will it not be. The Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 is silent on whether stipend comes under the purview of law.

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The money is meant to support your living expenses while you perform research or your other educational pursuits. Stipend amounts may be based on the length of the academic year, not the calendar year. A scholarship/fellowship used for bills aside from qualified expenses is taxable earnings. Taxable scholarships are usually known as stipends and are payments for which no providers are rendered or required. Examples of stipends are payments that can be used for residing and incidental expenses similar to room and board, travel, non-required books and personal computer systems, and so forth. The granting department is liable for correctly determining the amount, which ought to be categorised as a stipend, however such determination is at all times subject to review and reclassification by the Tax Department.

The Income Tax Act has further laid down that ‘scholarship granted to meet the cost of education is exempt from Income Tax under section 10. When doctors pursue their higher education at hospitals they perform the work that is similar to the kind of work performed by full-time Doctors. In this case, they perform the work similar to a regular doctor, so the stipend they earn can be subject to tax depending upon the terms/nature of the internship and purpose of stipend.

Save taxes with Clear by investing in tax saving mutual funds online. Our experts suggest the best funds and you can get high returns by investing directly or through SIP. Download Black by ClearTax App to file returns from your mobile phone. For this we must review the terms under which such Stipend is paid– when Stipend is paid to further a person’s education, we need to test whether it qualifies as a Scholarship. Summer placements at JBIMS see 29% jump in highest stipend to Rs 4.5 lakh for two monthsThe top 10% of the batch took home a stipend of Rs 2.9 lakh whereas the top 30% was offered Rs 2.4 lakh on an average.

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Federal tax withheld from box 7 must be reported on Form 1040-NR line 62d. Under some of these shared living preparations, the provider is compensated both partially or fully by being able to live rent-free within the client’s residence. Section 3 of the FLSA allows an employer to credit the honest value of the board, lodging, and other facilities in direction of the minimum wage requirement provided sure conditions are met.

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